Food and Cash Assistance Project in the Governorates of (Aden, Hajjah, Raymah and Amanat Al-Asimah ” Sana’a”) of the World Food Programme (Corruption Of International Organizations and the Ministry of Planning, Exploiting the Suffering of Yemen)

November 11, 2023 – FraudWiki   Introduction: Since the outbreak of the war in 2015, the United Nations continues to describe the humanitarian crisis in Yemen as “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” but with international funding reaching $25 billion from 2015 to October 2023 (according to global tracking site FTS, and a previous […]

The Misdirection of International Funding for Yemen: Between Corruption and Channels Supporting the Houthi Militia

October 26, 2023 – FraudWiki   Introduction: This report sheds light on a serious issue of a significant portion of international funding intended to support Yemen during the conflict being diverted into the hands of the Houthi militia. The report reveals conflicts of interest among officials from some of the organizations operating in Yemen, with […]

Security Incidents Data for Organizations: Balancing Reality and Distortion of Legitimate Government Image (Analysis, Classification, Risks, and Procedures)

October 8, 2023 – FraudWiki                                                                                                     […]

 “Don’t be a fish”… This is how Multi-Level Marketing scammers swallow their victims

FraudWiki- Report by Ali Salem February 2, 2022   “Please answer me truthfully, are you not like Balqis Al-Haddad?”  questioned an activist named Sheikh Samir in a comment on Silwana Diamond International Company – Yemen’s Facebook post on June 7, 2021. The post is a link to a WhatsApp group directed at “new members who […]