Abdullah Ramadan Omair Bagham

Abdullah Ramadan Omair Bagham Yemeni nationality Position: Director General of the Office of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Valley and Desert – Hadhramaut Governorate, Yemen False Qualification: Ph.D. majoring in Business Administration from the Arab Academy for Management and Development Sciences. It is an academy specialized in the field of training. It engages […]

Muammar Mutahhar Al-Aryani

Muammar Mutahhar Al-Aryani Yemeni nationality Position: Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism in the legitimate Yemeni government False qualifications: a master’s degree in political science from the American University in London, and this university is not either a fake university or can be described as a bakery for baking fake certificates.

Hashem Mutahhar Ali Zabarah

Hashem Mutahhar Ali Zabarah Yemeni nationality Position: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity in the Houthi government False qualification: a “first-class” doctorate in the field of alternative and renewable energy from a civil society organization that does not have any powers to issue such type of certificates and degrees, bypassing all academic values and norms.

Abdul Ghani Al Maori

Abdul Ghani Al Maori Yemeni nationality Position: Member of the Board of Directors of Belqis Channel False qualification: Master’s degree in International Relations from Charisma University of the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is an unrecognized university and its activities are prohibited in most countries of the world

Mohammad Abdo Muhammad Yassin Al-Hatar

Mohammad Abdo Muhammad Yassin Al-Hatar Yemeni nationality Position: doctor Forged qualification: PhD in human medicine in the name of Ain Shams University

Mohammad Ali Qassem Al Salmi

Mohammad Ali Qassem Al Salmi Yemeni nationality Job: politician Forged qualification: a forged doctorate in administration in the name of Cairo University.

Yasser Abdulsalam Ahmed Agha Al-Audi

Yasser Abdulsalam Ahmed Agha Al-Audi Nationality: Yemeni / American Position: Islamic preacher False qualification: a doctorate in Islamic studies from an unrecognized and unaccredited university, which is the Islamic University – Minnesota, which does not have any academic recognition or accreditation from competent official bodies.

Hammoud Mohamed Hammoud Abbad

Hammoud Mohamed Hammoud Abbad Yemeni nationality Position: Governor of Dhamar Governorate, Yemen. False Qualification: Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations from Elles International University, Malaysian Branch, fictitious.

Yahya Ali Abu Hatim

Yahya Ali Abu Hatim Yemeni nationality Position: Adviser to the Yemeni Minister of Defense False qualification: PhD in political science from the fake university (International Electronic University)

Saleh Ali Lahtaf Al-Awlaki

Saleh Ali Lahtaf Al-Awlaki Yemeni nationality Position: Diplomat at the Embassy of Yemen in the Kingdom of Bahrain False qualification: PhD in political science and diplomatic relations from a fake, unrecognized institute that has no accreditation