The FraudWiki platform is dedicated to exposing corruption, fraud, and deception carried out by fake universities and companies using Ponzi schemes for cyber fraud. This initiative comes after months of work on social media platforms. The necessity to document all of this in one place arose, to create a database and a reference for anyone needing to verify whether an entity is genuine or fake, engaging in deception and fraud for financial or moral gains, especially in the absence of the state and official authorities.

This project would not have been implemented without the cooperation and support of dozens of academics and concerned individuals from Yemen, both within Yemen and distributed across continents. The idea still requires further collaboration to work on exposing those who sell fake certificates or engage in pyramid schemes.

FraudWiki will provide a platform to report any unauthorized college or university, unaccredited programs, or companies practicing pyramid schemes and applying Ponzi schemes. It will clarify the reasons supporting the assumption of involvement of these entities in deceptive and fraudulent activities, providing relevant links to websites or supporting documents.

FraudWiki is present on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These platforms will serve as additional means for anyone wishing to communicate with FraudWiki or report any entity or individual engaged in deception and fraud.

Moreover, FraudWiki is committed to expanding its efforts to monitor and document any corruption or fraud occurring within Yemen that affects the interests and resources of Yemenis. It aims to publish periodic reports illustrating corrupt practices carried out by government officials, organizations, or even private sector institutions, prolonging the duration of the war and enriching its instigators.